Ss. Michael, Mary, Brendan
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Church of St. Michael (Gaylord), Church of St. Mary (Arlington), Church of St. Brendan (Green Isle)
Church of St. Brendan
221 McGrann Avenue
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Green Isle, MN  55338

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Most recent COVID Update - No RSVP required for weekend Masses but face masks are required.
This is an exciting year for your child and your family!  This  year your child will be preparing for the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist and certainly is growing in his/her faith.

In preparation for these sacraments, your child will  learn  many  important  truths of our faith
Reconciliation and the
and come to a deeper understanding of his/her life as a child of God.  You can use this time to grown in your own faith as a family.  As your child watches you live, pray, and interact with others they develop a sense of what is really important in life.  You will help your child grow to be a person of faith who is able to respond to life as a true follower of Jesus Christ.

At Ss. Michael, Mary, and Brendan, our teachers and Elementary Directors of Religious Education will prepare your child to receive these sacraments with joyful hearts!
​Church of St. Mary - Arlington    -  2012 -    Church of St. Brendan - Green Isle
First Communion 2019
Ss. Michael, Mary, and Brendan AFC